"Greener Environmental for better living"

Greener Environment
for better living

Ozone Environmental Solutions helps you solve most of these problems.

In our modern world, we frequently encounter the nuisance of bad smelling and even toxic odor in many places.

Ozone has the unique ability to break most long-chained odor molecules into simple oxide and water molecules.

It is a strong disinfectant and deodorizing media that can fully replace hot water and chlorine widely accepted in many countries.

Nobody doesn't love a fresh environment

Because of its highly reactive nature, Ozone can break most long-chained odor molecules in organic matter into simple oxide and water molecules efficiently. Problematic foul smells occurring in kitchens, underground manholes and even hotel rooms can be eliminated using our Ozone technology.


Ozone is also effective against environmental pollutants, such as volatile compounds (paint residues, chemicals and hydrocarbons) and particulate matter (dust, pollen, dirt and smoke).

Ozone application

Ozone (O3) is an unstable molecule containing 3 oxygen atoms. The loosely held third oxygen atom has a strong tendency to break away, releasing an extremely reactive single oxygen atom (O). This leaves behind 2 oxygen atoms, creating an oxygen (O2) molecule.

Ozone (O3) is the most effective antimicrobial and cleansing agent compared with any other chemicals or detergent. As it disinfects and removes odors without leaving behind any harmful effects or toxic by products.

It reacts with the cell membrane of any bacteria or virus, attacking the cellular components and interrupting the normal cell activity, which rapidly destroys these microorganisms.