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Common issue

A common complaint among hotel guests are smelly rooms, especially if they were assigned a room with lingering cigarette smells.

Other than tobacco or cigarette smoke; body odors, moisture, food and beverages, and sometimes even pets could cause smelly rooms. Unwanted odors can develop and harbor almost anywhere and the way a place smells sends out a signal about the level of cleanliness.


There is an easy yet cost effective solution for deodorizing rooms, and maintaining the freshness of the room after treatment.

With the CR Series General Odor removal machine, there is no need to saturate the indoors with strong fragrances which many guests find objectionable. To deodorize, simply turn a dial and leave the the Ozone machine to work by itself in a closed room for about 15-30 minutes. It easily removes all odors at their source, leaving behind only the smell of a fresh clean room.