"Greener Environmental for better living"

Comfortable and clean water

Less Detergent (as much as 40% less) is used as Ozone is second most powerful oxidant in the world means. Ozonated water can decomposes fats, oil and grease on very soiled clothes. By releasing Oxygen after oxidization, the cleaning capacity of detergents are greatly enhanced.

Less Softener usage as the presence of Oxygen in the wash water softens hard water and naturally softens clothing fiber without chemicals.

Less Electricity are used during washing as clothes can be washed in cold water. For special disinfection required by hospitals, linen is washed in very high temperature traditionally. Ozone even works at low water temperature, hence saving electricity for heating.

Less Water will be required to rinse clothes as clothes treated with Ozone are much cleaner. This means a shorter wash cycle, saving time and money.

Other Advantages of Ozone Laundry

Ozonated water also deodorizes, improves fabric quality and protects fabric from degrading after multiple washes. Overall fabric life can be increased by as much as 25%. Drying time can also be reduced by 10% because of the healthier and cleaner fabric.