The company

"Greener Environmental for better living"

Our setup

Ozone Environmental Solution Sdn Bhd began with a clear vision. We aim to share our green concept regionally across Asia.

We currently provide various green environmental solution related to design and build, industrial waste, air and water treatment systems, as well as consultancy services utilizing our Ozone Technology.

Our Business Plan : Nurture relationships with our clients while educating them about our environmentally friendly products.

Mission : Cultivate a “Go Green” mindset and advise our clients on techniques towards a better and healthier environment.

Vision : Expand our business and share our “Go Green” message across Asia.

"Go Green" technology

Our ozone machines are developed by an Environmental Engineering firm specializing in industrial wastewater treatment; and an accredited Laboratory in Microbial, Food, and Environmental testing facility in Hong Kong.

Why did our clients choose to use ozone technology to solve their odor & disinfection problems?

Because unlike other machines that relies on chemicals, ozone will revert back into oxygen leaving behind no toxic residue. Also it is cost effective as there is no need to purchase chemicals and the machines only occupies a small space.

Our products are also proven to be reliable and durable, since Hong Kong’s MTR Station machines has been operating smoothly for 9 years.

Our international clients