Water treatment

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We have a wide range of application in water treatment, from the sterilization of the water recycling system to the generation of ozonated water for rinsing. Because of it’s built-in ejection pump, installation is relatively simple and without needing external pumping.

Different types of water source, whether raw water, ground water, well water or river water can be disinfected using our AQ series machines. The processed water can then be recycled and reused. This is excellent for the industrial processes for decolorization, sterilization and water reuse.

Ozone is widely used in drinking water treatment, industrial sewage water treatment as it has the ability of high kill rate of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms with high speed, and complete removing the organic compounds and other pollutants without creating secondary pollution, also can reduce the biological oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical oxygen demand (COD), remove nitrite, suspended solids and decolonization in water.

The use of ozone in waste water treatment is expanding and already includes the destruction or removal of:

  • Complex organic molecules in order to improve biodegradability
  • Pharmaceutically Active Compounds (PAC’s) and endocrine disruptors
  • Colour from dye works’ effluent, paper mills, etc.
  • Surfactants, detergents from washing centers
  • Cyanides and phenols from chemical waste
  • Odour elimination from urban waste water plants or industrial flue gas
  • Odours from condensates/ wash-waters, which can then be recycled
  • Biological Oxygen Demand(BOD) and Chemical Oxygen Demand(COD) removal rate is higher than 95 percent.


Ozone treatment limits scaling. Ozone is a disinfectant that decomposes bio film, causing ions to no longer be able to attach to it. This causes a decrease in scale formation. Even water with a high dissolved solids content can now be recicled, causing cooling water discharges to be decreased.


Corrosion is mainly caused by microorganisms, which enhance corrosion forming conditions. Ozone limits microbial growth. Various experiments have shown that corrosion always decreases when ozone is applied, usually by more than 50%.

Microbial growth

Ozone is the most effecient disinfectant for the deactivation of Legionella bacteria as it is a stronger disinfectant compare to other chemical. When ozone is used for water treatment, the water can be thickened more than 5 times. Only evaporation and splatter losses are needed to filled up with fresh water.